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Lil guy tried to meow!

Vine by: Papa Falcon

that is the face of a person who has just died from cute

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sometimes i remember how jensen ackles was able to say no i’m not dancing in ballet shoes because he wasn’t comfortable doing so

and it was removed from the script

but genevieve cortese had that same discomfort with her torture scene and it wasn’t removed from the script and she still had to do it.

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things i want from marvel:

  • black widow movie
  • falcon movie
  • bucky in everything forever
  • melinda may movie

things i will happily take if marvel gives me:

  • more iron man and thor movies
  • hawkeye movie

things that are unacceptable from marvel:

  • benedict cumberbatch as doctor strange
  • another goddamn wolverine movie

additions to the lists in respective order: nick fury movie, more captain america movies, loki movie